Sunday, August 26, 2007

Circle Book Swap - Lenna Andrews, Avon, CT

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These are my own pages for the Circle Book swap - I am participating in as well as hosting! I started out by painting the back of the pages with Lumiere and Textile paint by Jacquard. Then I added various papers to the front with YES glue to match the colors I painted on the back. ARTchix studio faux post seemed perfect to add to each circle page along with some of my old "mail art" stamps. Since this is an exchange through the mail, why not? See the faux post below -- Winter Post 21 with the girl on the sled? This is something I designed myself that Helga Strauss of ARTchix made into an ARTchix winter faux post!! Pretty cooOL .

I did have a lot of fun making these circle pages and look forward to swapping all the participants pages out and creating a great little circle book!! It has been busy around here as we are most likely moving in 2 and 1/2 weeks ??? Yes! that happened quickly, didn't it? The buyers of our home have moved the closing up to September 14th. I think all will be fine with this swap as it's due on September 7th. I imagine I will swap it out immediately!! We are working on packing up and making good progress . . . and don't worry, if you are in any of my swaps I will stay in touch and let you know my new address! Thanks for your support. Lenna


Clevelandgurlie said...

Hi Lenna. What a fabulous idea hosting a blog and giving credit to all of the wonderful artists you have received treasures from. I commend you. Your site is lovely and I will visit it frequently.

Lenna Andrews said...

Thank you!!


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