Sunday, November 25, 2007


Fabric bag by Anne St. Louis!
THIS SWAP is CLOSED - and was completed in February, 2008.

We enjoyed this swap so much in 2007 that we have decided to run it again. This time I will be expanding the swap to allow ANY type of creative bag or purse, not just fabric! The deadline for this swap is due in my hands by February 23rd, 2008 - late entries will be returned. This is a 1 for 1 creative bag swap. Participants can create 2 sets if they wish, trading 2 bags for 2. You only need to create 1 bag ~ and anything goes!! This means: any size or any style of bag, using any fabric you wish - or any other materials. Your bag can either be handmade by you, or purchased and then embellished.

Any kind of fabric bag is a good choice; a crocheted or knitted bag, or make a cigar box purse. You could create a tote bag, a felted bag, an evening purse, a hobo bag, a beaded bag, a shoulder bag, a make-up bag, or a satchel - you decide!
Create your bag from start to finish, or purchase a plain bag and dress it up with rubber stamping, paint, dye, embroidery stitches, or by transferring images, doing appliqué work or beading. Anything goes with this swap, so be creative!

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