Wednesday, November 14, 2007

swap update!

I am just waiting for a couple more bags that are due to arrive tomorrow, right on time on the deadline day. I want to say thanks so much to everyone in this swap for being so clever and creative and for getting your swaps here on time so I can include them! Also, many thanks to those of you who contacted me to gracefully bow out of the swap for one reason or another. You must know I will truly miss your art, but don't mind you dropping your participation in one of my swaps as long as you tell me -- so I'm not left wondering what happened! If you can't make the deadline but are considerate and let me know, I will welcome you with open arms to any future swaps I host : )) I do understand. Sometimes life happens! All you need to do is communicate with me. Thanks.

. . . Speaking of future swaps, I am planning on announcing the new swaps very soon! I have talking about them and have been wanting to announce them for a while, but really rather have all the specifics organized, laid out, and clear in my mind before I make the announcements. I've been distracted - sorry! We FINALLY closed the deal to buy the home that we moved to TWO months ago, late yesterday afternoon, the 13th of November. Everything was recorded this morning and we now own our new home - HOORAY! I will get to the announcements of new swaps & the swapping of this wonderful bag swap this weekend, after all the entries have arrived. ThanK YoU so much!


friedaquilter said...

Can't wait to see which bag is coming to Scotland, Lenna, and the leaves in your part of the world are just as gorgeous as those in the Scottish Borders!

Lenna Andrews said...

ah, Frieda! You were the one who inspired me to gather these leaves & take the photo!! : ))) I love it!


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