Monday, March 17, 2008

Alpha Stamp/Tallulah's Swap: Carol Stocker

Carol Stocker from Omaha, NE has created a number of gorgeous fabric postcards for our Alpha Stamps Tallulah's swap, wow!!

Carol was very busy and creative and made 6 cards with images from Paris Showgirls #1. She made one extra fabric postcard for me to send to Leslie Elledge, the owner of Alpha Stamps (the orange one, above) and she also created another extra one, so I could choose one for myself. Thanks so much, Carol!!

Oh! Take a look at these wonderful fabric cards; click on any scan for more detail and the picture will open much larger in a new window. I love the way Carol has "captured" things under netting!!

Way to go, carol! Awesome fabric postcards : )

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Leah/ Texas/ United States said...

I love the fabric she used, particularly in the last three posted cards, the blue/cream/brown stripe on the third from botton, the bright floral print on the bottom stripe of the second from the bottom, and the checkered pattern on the strips on the very bottom one - though that looks to me like that really cool squared-stringy ribbon. Do you know where that floral fabric on the second-to-last card came from? Thanks for sharing!


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