Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Alpha Stamp/Tallulah's Swap: Teri Calia

Oh my! This is Teri Calia's Tallulah's postcard created especially for Leslie Elledge, the owner of Alpha Stamps & sponsor of this swap. I think this postcard Teri made is very beautiful and it's so fitting that she asked me to pass this card on to Leslie - who works very hard to create beautiful images for us to work with! Teri also created a card especially for me, and then enclosed 4 more cards to swap. Wow! Teri hails from Emeryville, CA - the hometown of Alpha Stamps!
The backs of Teri's postcards look like this:

I love it! Plain backs are very nice, but I enjoy this so much.

I recently found out Teri has an ETSY shop, called Catnip Designs! You must check it out! Teri is very talented and has many great pieces of art for sale. Below are the rest of Teri's cards for our swap- please click on any one that you wish to see in more detail.

Teri's images on her postcards come from the Beauty Queens Sheet and Paris Showgirls #1 found at Alpha Stamps.

Thank you, Teri!

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