Thursday, March 13, 2008

New Swap #6: Alpha Stamps/Grimm Fairy Tale Collage Swap due June 28

Creative Swaps 2008, swap #6 - An Alpha Stamps/Grimm Fairy Tale small collage swap, due June 28 and closed for joining. This is a 4 for 4 swap of mixed media collages (all sized 5”x 5”). If you desire, create 5 pieces for 4 in return. This extra will go to the sponsor/hostess and is optional. I will send your extra piece along to Leslie at Alpha Stamps after choosing a few to keep for myself! Any extras are most appreciated by your host & sponsor. If you are not familiar with the Grimm Fairy Tales, take a look at this Wikipedia entry.

This swap is sponsored by Alpha Stamps and has required Alpha Stamp products. Each participant will receive a special Alpha Stamps gift collage sheet made especially for this swap just for participating : ) One lucky artist will be awarded a special first prize from Alpha Stamps for the most creative collages! This swap is limited to 35 players.

Requirements: The collages for this swap will be created and layered onto a 5”x 5” art board or cardstock -your choice, but no substitutes. Your collages must utilize fabric, paper and/or transparency images from the new collection of Alpha Stamps Grimm Fairy Tale collage sheets. This special collection includes Red Riding Hood sheets, a dozen new Cinderella Sheets, new Sleeping Beauty, Grimm fairytale book covers, related castle, roses and jousting sheets -- all available now. Snow White and the Frog Prince collage sheets should be available soon, as well as many others! Leslie Elledge, owner of Alpha Stamps collects vintage children's books, so lucky for us! There is a link under “More Fairy Tales” on the Brother’s Grimm page on Alpha Stamps where you can sign up to be notified of additions to the page.

Your collages MUST be created with any of the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale collage sheet images from the Alpha Stamps website. You may do TWO sets of four collages if you wish. When you receive your swaps back, four collages would make a lovely framed display and eight pieces could even be made up into a small book. It’s up to you whether you create 1 or 2 sets of 5” x 5” collages & you do not have to tell me in advance how many pieces you will create. Deadline for this swap is due in my hands by June 28th, 2008. Late entries will be returned.

*Because participation is limited you must email lenna to check availability and sign up for any of the creative swaps. Please include your first and last name along with your preferred email address for correspondence. After I receive your email I will let you know promptly if there is room in the swap you desire to join - and sign you up, if there is/or put you on a waiting list, if there is not. Once your participation is confirmed, I will send you via email the full details of this swap including mailing instructions. Your swaps must arrive to me -by the due date. Create your swaps and send them along with your label/envelope/shipping funds. All swaps will be mailed to you promptly in early July, 2008. As the swaps arrive, I will post your artwork on the creative swaps blog for all to enjoy. If you have a personal blog or website, send the address to me with your swap pieces and I will add that to your post of your swap pieces.

After confirming your space in this swap, create your collages! Again, they must be based on either a 5”x 5” piece of cardstock or art board and utilize fabric, paper and/or transparency images from any Alpha Stamps Brothers Grimm collage sheets. You can use additional papers, fabric, paint, watercolour crayons, any mixed media along with the Alpha Stamps images. Your collages can be completely different from one another or they can be all of the same design. They should be left plain, without a hanger, so that your recipient can decide whether to put these collages into a book, hang them together in a frame, hang them separately, or not at all! You will receive a mixed variety of collages in return. It is always nice to know who created what, and even how, so for each collage please add a tag, write a note, add a business card, a Moo card, or at least sign your name, and perhaps add a description of your techniques. Thank you!

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