Tuesday, May 24, 2011

#14.Laura Hummel: Little Book swap!

Wow. I have 4 participants little books to share with you! There is so much beauty and creativity in this swap it is a little overwhelming at times . . .  I think we can handle it though. ; ^ ) Thank you all for putting in your best effort, it really shows. First up, I have a delightful assortment of books from Laura Hummel in Maryland. I know Laura a bit because she has participated in my swaps before; this is her 5th creative swap, as far as I can tell! We are also in a small Mail Art swap together, organized by Sue Emmerson. I love Laura's style! I have 5 books to share with you as Laura made 4 for the swap and one for me as a gift. Thank  you, Laura!!
Above are all the little books Laura made. Click on the photo for detail.

 Below is a sweet little accordion book.
 When you untie it and open it, the accordion comes out as a separate piece! 
Beautifully decorated.
Laura called the one below a "scrappy" book that was fun to do and good use for her never ending pile of papers that she is saving for whatever! Sounds good to me : ) It is the top left book with a ring binding in the first photo.
 Love this quote on the back! 

 Here is a different book - Laura made a variety. 
I love how she painted the feather! 
 Inside are 3 signatures with a number of recycled pages in each.

 Look at this cute little book! 
 The coin tucked behind Mt. Fuji is for good luck.
It is an accordion book, attached. 

 I love this one below and will keep it for myself. Thank you, Laura!
 Inside . . . 

Thank you, Laura!
Such a delight to look at all of the books you made.
Here's hoping you join many more creative swaps! 
That reminds me, I placed a poll for upcoming swaps on the blog:
In the sidebar, everyone please go vote. Thanks!!


Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

So beautiful, Laura! Each and every one so unique. Your swaps are an amazing eduction in our own unique qualities, Leena. Donna

Margaret said...

Gosh, I'm loving working on books, but I'm getting more and more intimidated each day as I see the near-professional results others have produced. I have severe chronic back pain and can only dedicate a certain amount of time to working each day, and my style isn't as embellished and fancy as others', yet I have decorated my books in my own fashion. I just hope they will be acceptable! I'm almost afraid to send them in lest you won't be able to think up such favorable comments. :(

XOXO, Margaret Shank (in swap)

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Margaret, your feelings are quite understandable . . . I often get similar comments. Do not worry! Just do your best work and your books will be fine. They do not have to be fancy or embellished. Your “own fashion” is very much welcomed!! I am sure they will be acceptable if you took a little time when creating them. Don’t be afraid to send them, please! I look forward to seeing them. : ^ ) Lenna

craftattack said...

Once again, words are failing me. I am gobsmacked at such wonderful work! Hugs, Valerie

Nancy said...

It just keep getting better! These are little wonders.

Cat said...

Oh my....I love them all. so creative!!! The scrappy is such a great idea!

Terri said...

Laura has done such a creative job on each book! I love how they are all different....and all the cool pages and details too.

Linda said...

such delightful little books!!

Paper Relics said...

Laura, I do not have any contact info for you on the book I received but wanted to let you know that I got it and it is wonderful - I especially love the pages and the binding! Thank you so much!!


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