Tuesday, May 10, 2011

#9.Leslie Sowden -Little book swap!

From California, I received lovely mail art and 3 wonderful little books for our swap due June 18. Wow! If you are like me, you are probably marveling at the amazing variety and beauty coming in for this swap.

I love Leslie's illustrated Mail Art for me :  ^ )

For what she did for the swap, I will quote Leslie. "I tried 3 or 4 of the methods in the lesson she included with the swap fee, plus about 3 more from the net. Some were ok, some were cool, but I ended up doing something from scratch using crazy quilt blocks that I had pieced from batik fabrics but never finished (typical for me). One has no stitching, one has one seam done, the third has a bit more, but nothing like the encrusted look I used to go for when CQing."

Inside the books the pages consist of pages from old books, scrapbook papers, images from an old art book, a sheet of handmade paper, etc... I really love this mix of fabric and quilting on the front and paper on the inside. Leslie bound them all with Tim Holtz tissue tape. She says, "What cool stuff."
I have to agree!!

Leslie popped her books in unsealed envelopes which is great for me - easy to open, photograph & return. Leslie also very kindly made an extra, different book for me! It has a page in it from 1816!!! The cover is handmade paper and it is bound with linen thread. See it below.

Thanks so much, Leslie. I am very glad you enjoyed participating because I love including your awesome books in this swap!! To see more of Leslie's art please visit her blog, One Woman's Hands.


craftattack said...

Lovely work from Leslie. This swap is really exciting, love to see the little books as they arrive, this is a real fun project! Hugs, Valerie

Bobbie said...

Leslie ~ How creatively talented you are!!! Your books are wondermous!! ~ Bobbie

Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

I agree with Valerie! I look forward to the next installment .. they are all so unique and different .. just like the creators. AMAZING. hugs from Mexico, Donna

Cat said...

Beautiful books, Leslie, I love the hybrid of fabric & paper! And the cool tape bindings, may I copy, I really love them!

Nancy said...

These are wonderful! I love crazy quilting and this is a perfect use for bits of it. Fun.

Catherine L. Mommsen said...

What lovely work! And beautiful presentation, too.

Terri said...

Leslie's little books are fab! I love the crazy quilt covers so much, what a fab idea!

Linda said...

oh my gosh- I love the crazy quilt covers and fabrics!!


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