Thursday, May 19, 2011

#13.Julie Oman (Jewels) ~ Little Book swap!

Jewels, from Michigan (and Canada) has sent in 2 wonderful little books for our exchange, yippee! On her own blog, Just Tickety-Boo, she has written a wonderful post that describes how she made her books with lots of photos included. Please visit her and say hi! I will include some of my own photos below.
First, the box when it arrived! More about it here . . .
I love getting mail like this! Thanks so much, Jewels.

The Danish gardening book comes in it's own decorated envelope.

It is one of the "instant" books = made from 1 piece of paper.

Click on this photo for details, it is just too funny!! Jewels . . . 

The next book comes with a lovely note of explanation on how . . .

It is just gorgeous inside. Jewels has more photos and explanation on her blog.

Little book, closed.

Jewels also enclosed a lovely piece of art for me, I cannot help but share it.
Jewels was a Librarian, so it makes perfect sense!

Can you find it on my studio wall with everything I have there?
My friend Joy is visiting and taking a break after traveling, reading in the sun.
She was fascinated by everything up in my studio . . . . 
"Of course you want all those things around you lenna, it is so  h a p p y !"

: ^) keep your little books coming!!
They are due in my hands in 4 weeks -eep! 


craftattack said...

More wonderful books, so much loveliness and talent! Hugs, Valerie

Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

Such wonderful little books. So unique .. however, I say that every time! The sentiment on your card is priceless, Lenna. And .. the wall in your Studio is HAPPY. Love it. Donna

arts4all said...

Ohhhh, such gorgeous tiny books!!! You'll never know how much I wanted to participate in this swap, but you also know why I've been so far away from art-making these past few weeks.

Looking forward to the next swap - you're the best ;-0

(really loved your smiley blip of you and Joy!)

Cat said...

Beautiful!!! Can't pick my favorite, they are all so lovely!

Linda said...

these are just dreamy!!


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