Thursday, February 25, 2010

4” x 4” collage Swap (4) due April 24: Roads & Paths

-creative swaps 2010: swap #2 
A 4” x 4” collage Swap (4) 

What: a mixed media 4x4 Collage Swap using fabric, paper, digital, or a combination. 
Create four 4 inch x 4 inch collages - all identical or all different and receive (4) 4x4’s in return.

Theme: Roads + paths: All roads lead home? The road less traveled? Hmmmm. This theme can be taken literally using images of roads and paths -- or not. When creating for this swap you can work from ideas like: The roads I’ve traveled, the paths I have taken, the road I am traveling at this moment or the paths and roads I would like to take. You should take this theme and run with it (down the road!!) You may prefer to work on a literal level with images of roads and paths, ones you have actually traveled or perhaps ones you have not, that appeal to you. Alternately, you may take this theme and create your collages more figuratively based on the “roads” or “paths” you are taking, have taken or want to take. In this respect think: life choices, career choices, relationship choices, how you spend your day kind of choices, friend choices, things like that. You may even combine literal images of roads + paths with something more figurative. I have some images to inspire you that you can use for the swap, if you like: roads + paths

Any Medium: Paint, paper, magazine pages, photos, digital, fabric, sewing, water color, drawing . . . you choose the medium(s) you want to work with.

Due IN my Mailbox no later than Saturday, April 24th, 2010. I reserve the right to return any late swaps received after 4/24/2010 and send them back to the sender. Allow 5-7 days mail time within the US and 7-14 days outside of the US.

TWO sets of 4 - is the maximum you are allowed to submit for this swap and you must register for each set that you submit ($7.50 per set). Register on the creative swaps blog twice, and I will know you are sending in 2 sets.

Use the ‘pay now’ PayPal button on creative swaps blog - look in the side bar for a yellow button. The $7.50 fee to register for this swap is your non-refundable payment for postage, handling, and organization pertaining to the swap. PayPal is a free on-line bank service- find out more here. The $7.50 fee covers all costs for return mailing of one set of 4x4’s - both within and outside of the U.S.A. - I will confirm your registration via email and include additional swap information, inspiration and my mailing address to send your swap art to. If the email you have listed with PayPal is not the correct one for me to correspond with, please notify me of your correct email. If you have sent a PayPal registration and have not received confirmation from me within 48 hours please email me directly.

The perks!  Anyone who completes the swap will have a chance to win via a random drawing a 4" x 4" collage created by me. Additionally, one participant will be chosen for the most creative collage artwork and this person will be awarded free participation in the next creative swap! 

• All collages must be 4” x 4” in size (10.2 cm x 10.2 cm) 
• your collages can be all paper, all fabric or some of both
• your collages could also be digital, printed out and mounted on a 4” x 4” card
• your 4x4’s can be ALL the SAME design - ALL different - or a mix 
• any media may be used in creating
• photos, magazines, your own drawing or painting – all is okay! 
-This swap is limited to 40 players-

i hope you enjoy this new swap! lenna young andrews - February 25th, 2010


bockel24 said...

Wow, thanks for such an inspiring theme - my collages are already up on my blog!

Lenna Andrews said...

Marion, Your 4x4's for this theme are so awesome. I love the quotes and words you use AND your artwork all the time, but especially here on these pieces. wow! You have made my day by showing them on your blog. I can't wait to hold them, even just for a bit! I am sure you will inspire others and I thank you for your wonderful 'take' on this theme. I absolutely love these. p.s i will post a link on the creative swaps blog : ) lenna


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