Sunday, February 28, 2010

wow! a sneak peek for marion bockelmann's 4x4's

Yes! I can tell that Marion Bockelmann in Germany was also inspired by the current theme (and swap) of roads + paths just like I was. Yikes, I am totally in love with what Marion has created already! I am quite fond of Marion's style anyway and follow her blog - bockel24 but her 4x4's really 'hit me' when I saw them with their use of quotes, color, stamping, paint, and just the feeling they evoke. I will scan Marion's 4x4's when they arrive here in the US and share them with you on the creative swaps blog, but if you would like a sneak peek (you do!) - go look at the Roads + Paths post Marion put up today! ThAnK yOu Marion!

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