Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Ocean/Sunset ATCs: Jo Urbani

From my friend and partner in Mail Art - Jo Urbaniwe have 6 fishy, Ocean-y blue/green ATCs. I can't believe Jo has just moved house! I am delighted she was able to squeeze these in before she left town for her new digs! If I remember correctly, she described making them as her "art therapy" in-between packing up those last boxes. I am happy that in a week and a half or so I can send her an envelope of beautiful return ATCs to her new home. Yay!

  All the added paint is great . . . I love splatters.

All the postage stamps are awesome. 
I did not take a scan, but the backs of Jo's ATCs feature a title
that I believe is the name of the Fish on the postage stamp :)

Fab, Jo!! 

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