Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Ocean/Sunset ATCs: Karen Le Guilcher

From Karen in the Channel Islands -wow! I love what she has done. Some of her ATCs use fabric, some paper, some watercolor, and a most imaginative use of postage stamps. I love how they reflect where she lives -an ISLAND. This first one using her local postage stamps is amazing! click on any photo for details . . .

The one below is extra beautiful. I think that was Karen's wish . . .
that her ATCs would fly across the ocean to me! ❤ They did!

And she made an extra one for me, special -below! 

Thank you Karen! I also LOVE the little Blipfoto cards you added to my envelope -
what beautiful blip photos you & your hubby have made into cards! 
It makes me want to put Guernsey on my list of places to visit ☀

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