Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Ocean/Sunset ATCs: Paula Boyd Farrington

Oh MY! This is the last post for today, I have caught up - yay! This post will share the wonderful ATCs that Paula Farrington sent in for our swap from the Bahamas, where she lives! I am also a fan of ARTChix Studio like Paula, plus I adore Paula's art so this is a real treat for me.

We have gorgeous Sunset colors above ...
and delicious Ocean colors below :0)

A sample of the backs:

And TWO extra ATCs Paula created for me! 

There is an extra treat ~ Paula wrote a detailed blog post!
She shares some process photos and how she created these beauties.

❤ Can't thank you enough Paula for your participation and the "extras" ❤



Anonymous said...

Lenna—thank you!!—this is so cool and gorgeous how you post the cards here … I so enjoy seeing them all and am totally in awe of all the talent and artistry that's showing up in your mail box for this swap!! Thanks a million for all you're doing in coordinating this fab art exchange … all the terrific creativity and fun you inspire is wowza!!! xx

Sabine said...

LOVE them all!!!!

bockel24 said...

these are all beautiful!


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