Sunday, September 9, 2007

Circle Book Pages are SWAPPED!

Here are all the circle book swap packages on my couch! They still need postage put on them but everything is swapped & they are all packaged up & ready to go. I'll be going to the post office tomorrow morning to send them off to you : )) Notice the packing boxes too? My sweet husband was packing up some Kitchen stuff while I was working on this, bless him. We are doing so good, as we are almost all packed up and Thursday is the big day, phew. I think you will love your pages. There were a couple of instances where I had to swap 2 pages by the same artist to a person or two, but I did make sure if this happened that the pages were of 2 different designs. You may find this in your package. It had something to do with so many of you creating 20 pages, but some of you creating 10 or 15 pages - so the numbers, the mathematics were a little bit off! With a little jostling it all worked out in the end and everyone received as many different pages as they sent in. I don't think you will be dissapointed!
If you created 20 pages there is hardly any chance the longest screw post that came with the book will accomodate your pages. For 10 or 15 pages, maybe! I tried . . but the pages were too squished. What I did was take a ring clasp and use that to hold the pages & cover together. My book:

Thanks so much for joining me on this one! I love my book. If you have comments after you receive your swapped pages - feel free to leave them here under each artists' art/post. You can easily find them by going to "Participating Artists" on the right & clicking on their name. In most cases it will bring you to all posts tagged with their name. I will add comments to the blog as I can - they will wait for me until I do! : ) Lenna 9/9/07


Gisele said... are one amazing swap hostess getting all the packages done & mailed whilst in the midst of packing up a house for a hat's off to you!
All the pages scanned are fabulous & I can't wait to see them all for real. Thank you for organising this great swap :)

Lenna Andrews said...

oh, thank you Gisele! I feel very lucky having one of your beautiful "white" pages in my own circle book. And for the swap, I just had to make myself take care of it immediately so it would get done! We have a small house & have been packing for a while so we don't feel too stressed. I really appreciate your kind words!


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