Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Fabric Bag Swap - Judy Bernard, LA

Today I received the very first Fabric Bag for our "Anything Goes" Bag swap due November 15th from Judy Bernard in Louisiana! Judy's bag is a medium size striped Tote bag with a front flap pocket that she has made herself. I would be very pleased to receive this bag in the swap and would immediately be thinking of little ways to embellish it and make it my own! Thanks so much, Judy, great job! If you click on the bag you can see it a little closer : )) Judy also added some words about it on her own Blog: Judy's Crafts.

Note: I received a question about this swap once I posted Judy's bag - It was, "are we supposed to be embellishing our bag ourselves??"
I went back & looked at my swap call:
This is a one-for-one create your own Fabric Bag (or Purse) Swap. Anything goes: meaning any size, any style, and any fabric. Your bag can be handmade by you or purchased by you, and then embellished! The only requirement is that your bag must include fabric in some way. All swaps must be delivered to Lenna by November 15th 2007 in order to be included in the swap . . . .
My answer: The swap call says “Anything Goes” -so anything you do will be Ok! Judy left her striped bag blank for the receiver to embellish – but this does not mean that you have to. It can be a handmade bag – plain and unembellished, OR a purchased bag – embellished, OR a handmade bag – embellished . . . whatever you wish. Thanks for asking.


Judy B said...

I have a question.How do you decide who gets which bag? I was just wondering how that was decided.Seems to me that would be a confusing job.lol Anyway I love reading on this blog.

Lenna Andrews said...

Good Question, Judy!! I had another person ask me the same question and this is what I told her: "As for swapping things out, the method I use the most is to try to swap your items for the items of someone whose work I think you will like, based on what you created. Does that make sense? That is how I swap things 90% of the time, although sometimes I do it randomly . . . but usually, I base my swapping on this: Who would like each other’s work?”

The bag swap will be easier because it is 1 item for 1 item. I have been hosting swaps for a long time and I always find it best to work with a chart or at least a list of the participants and the number of items they sent in for the swap, then fill in the blank of who I swapped with. You don't need to do this, but especially with a large swap of multiple items and perhaps some participants making 5, 10 and others making 20 (like the circle pages swap) it is a good idea to keep track! I often will "swap" out on PAPER before I actually swap the pieces. It is a job, but well worth it and I think my method of trying to swap art between artists that will appreciate each other's work is a good one because I often get comments from participants on how much they enjoyed their returns!!

whew, sorry for the very long-winded answer!

: ))lenna

Judy B said...

thanks for answering and I see we have a very good hostess who really wants everyone to be satisfied.I truely appreciate all the effort and time you put put into it.Thanks again


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