Saturday, September 8, 2007

Circle Book SWAP update

Saturday 9/8/07: ALL of the Circle pages I expected to arrive are now IN my hands! I am swapping these pages (so many beautiful pages!) and plan to send them out to participants on Monday 9/10/07 . . . I must get them out of here quick before I move on Thursday 9/13!! Well, we really did not expect things to happen so quickly when we put our little home on the market August 13th - less that a month ago, is that possible?? So, I am just going with the flow & trying to take care of things. It will be great! I am going to put some pics of my new studio below!!

You are welcome to leave comments for any of the artists under the post of their circle pages - just click on 'comments' & you will be brought to a form. Please do not worry if your comment does not show up right away - it will not appear until I approve it -note: there may be a delay in my response during my move! (September 12th - 18th). Thanks so much for being patient with me during this time - I will repond as I can & also approve messages, but there may be a delay.

This has been an INSPIRING, fabulously different swap and I credit all of the participants for really trying their best! I am going to cherish my book & I am so glad I created 21 pages myself! Here is a peek at our new studio in the new home. It has a loft that will be just right for Steven's drafting table. Hooray!

* P.S. I've added a few more photos now of our new home on my art blog.

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