Friday, October 12, 2007

Fabric Bag Swap - Frieda Oxenham

Frieda's fabric bag has not arrived here yet because of a postal strike in the Scottish Borders, but she has uploaded what she has created for our fabric bag swap on her blog! You are welcome to go view the photos there and read about how she created it using her new embellisher machine, a Pfaff Smart 350. I have heard of this machine, but never tried one. It sounds yummy!

Frieda is very cute when she writes about how the theme for her bag became very amorous with the Alpha Stamps Lovers fabric images, and she decided she must be thinking about my (Lenna's) "romantic life" while creating this bag : )) -- I know she is referring to the serendipitous way I connected again with Steven who was an old friend of mine at the time when my first husband left me for another woman just a few years ago. Steven & I fell in love almost immediately when I was 'single' again (preface this to say Steven has now revealed he had a crush on me since he was 16yrs old! Note: we are now 50 & 51). We were married very soon after my divorce, only some 9 months later . . . but Frieda watched all this via email & the web in 2004 & 2005 from Scotland, very approvingly I might add, because she knew the romance and marriage were meant to be!!! : )) Thank you Frieda for your fun comments. Steven & I will definitely come to the Scottish Borders & meet you one day!

1 comment:

friedaquilter said...

Can't wait for the two of you to get here, Lenna. It would be such fun!!


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