Saturday, October 27, 2007

Mother Goose ATCs - update

Just a note to let you know I have a few more packages here to scan, but I have run out of time tonight!! I will finish uploading the rest of the ATCs & updating you by monday . . . . if you have any questions let me know. I have to finish my little folders to contain your 5 ATCs you'll receive . . . I am waiting for the gift sheets for each participant to arrive from Alpha Stamps (on their way) and of course I have to physically swap all these babies & package them up! Not to worry, it will be great fun. I will keep you informed, but plan on sending everything out to everybody by Thursday at the latest. You have all done a fantastic job - There will be an announcement too, after the final scans are uploaded for the first place winner of the Mother Goose Tote bag from Alpha Stamps for the most creative artwork!! Stay tuned - I will be back with more scans soon to finish this swap up - thanks!! : ) lenna

1 comment:

Miss Sandy said...

I think I am turning into a greedy little goose, the more I look at what has been sent in thus far I want them all! I know this is not possible but I am so excited to see what arrives! Thank You so much for all your hard work on the behind the scenes stuff to make this art swap possible.
Miss Sandy


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