Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Row House Swap: Lenna Andrews ~ Connecticut

Can you believe I am participating in MY OWN SWAP? !
Yes, I am. I am very thankful for the extra pieces that participants send my way, and I could make do with just those, but I really wanted to try making row houses myself!
I used chipboard houses from Elements and Maya Road as a base, which I got from Alpha Stamps -but in all cases I added on house shapes I made to make my pieces a little bigger. The houses to to right were made with the tall skinny house with a window from the Elements package. I laid this covered chipboard house on top of a free-cut house shape from lightweight cardstock/covered with scrapbook paper. The house on the left features my hubby (I am keeping this house!) and the one on the right is me, at 5 years after I cut my own hair! Click on any pic for a better view.

Below is a row house featuring my dad as a young man, and the house next to it features my mom and her grandmother : ^ ) my dad is doing much better these days, although his back is still a big problem. Therapy helps! The little hearts are chipboard and come in the Maya Road Tin. I painted mine with Lumiere and wanted to add them to all my houses as a symbol of family & love!

I also made some "collage" row houses out of a few of the Maya Road tiny houses and leftover frames from punching out the elements houses. I hope you enjoy! Any questions, just ask or leave a comment . . .

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