Saturday, September 20, 2008

Shades of Sunshine Quilties: Vickie Jones ~ South Dakota

Vickie Jones in South Dakota sent in 4 great quilties for our shades of sunshine quiltie swap, very bright and colorful, and all a bit different! Vickie wrote me an email that describes her process a bit . . . . .

"I used some of my hand dyed fabric on either the back or front of the quiltie. I tried using a little thread play to give the flowers a different look. I used pellex or timetex because I initially planned to do more beading and I was afraid the beading would be too heavy for the batting. This was my first attempt to hand dye of my friends Darlene (she's in this swap also) gave me a lesson...I plan to do this again and be quite a bit MORE creative!! I had fun! Thank you for hosting the swap and encouraging us to try new things! "

It's my pleasure, Vickie!

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