Sunday, April 19, 2009

12x12 Fabric technique swap #19: Linda Garcia, New Mexico

WOW! From Linda Garcia in the "Land of Enchantment" (New Mexico) we have Linda's decidedly Southwest style 12x12 quiltie. Linda wrote me an email . . . one of many as she has been of great support during my dad's illness. In discussing her creative process Linda wrote . . .
"Yesterday I sent via priority mail my 12x12 Collage…..what I’ve learned over the years is that I feel comfortable with my style, the heartfelt peace of the Southwest—I get it! It’s me! I used everything that was left over from one project or another & nothing was purchased, ah, a “green moment.” You were a great incentive mi amiga! I'm a girl who was born on the West Coast, lived on the East Coast, moved to the rainy Northwest and now a woman living life to the fullest in the ol’ Southwest! Last fall my Mom told me that my Great-Grandfather also lived in Albuquerque, along with my Grandparents. This piece, Collage of la Tierra Encantada is a combination --the colors, my roots, fibers, sentiments and adornments! This project strayed a couple of times in my mind at night and what I imagined came out pretty close ---funny, I will dream of pieces."

I really love what Linda has made because she accepted my challenge for this swap and yet stayed true to herself. Bravo! This is Linda Garcia's 14th creative swap with me!!!!

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