Monday, April 20, 2009

12x12 Fabric technique swap #20: Barbara Roberts, Florida

Barbara Roberts emailed me a wonderful description of how she made her 12x12 quilt, which I received today. I will quote it below. Barbara also sent photos - thank you so much Barbara!!! I received a total of 8 quilts today so that was very much appreciated. Please click on any of the photos above for more detail.
The base of my 12 x 12 is plastic bags! I first melted plastic bags together (with an iron, I think) and then needle felted organza on top. I free motion stitched the top to secure it further. I learned this technique in Shelagh Folgate’s Creative Challenge and she gave me permission to use this for this swap as long as I linked to her blog. ( My problems with this was the first color of organza I used was too light and really washed out the piece, so I had to start over. The with the FME-which I am not an expert at-the thread kept breaking from going through the plastic.
I then made a transparency transfer using gel medium onto muslin. Behind this transfer I have Lutradur that I painted, foiled and then distressed with a heat gun. I finished it off with various embellishments and surrounded it with trim. I had never used Lutradur before and I loved working with it, although it presented its own set of challenges! The paint really absorbed into the Lutradur and I had to keep adding more because the surface looked white again. I used Misty Fuse for the foiling as I really like the webbing appearance it makes. My first attempt I used felt and foiled the felt and distressed it, but it looked too heavy for the piece. The Lutradur was just the look I was after!
I hope the receiver is happy with this piece, I enjoyed making it.
Barbara Roberts
Ft. Walton Beach, FL

Thank you, Barbara! The texture of your quilt is amazing!! It almost feels like lace.

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