Sunday, April 19, 2009

12x12 Fabric technique swap

The quilts have been slowly coming in and perhaps I will have an avalanche the next few days??!!
(Can you believe I received 8 on Monday!!) These are due in my hands on Wednesday -- April 22nd, 2009. I also believe that date marks 2 years for this blog? I think so! (yes) Anyway, I have received 19, and 3 (4) participants had to drop so I expect about 10 or maybe 12 more? I have not heard form some people at all so I can't be sure. I also signed up for this swap myself and mine has been started . . . . I have the benefit of delivering it to myself on the last day! I have a couple other Connecticut participants who will be dropping off their quiltes, and are already lamenting my move to Florida sometime in the future! They will have to mail their entries then for sure!!

Watch this spot. When it gets hectic I may not be able to email you individually to let you know your piece is here. Thanks!!

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