Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cynthia Zdanzukas: Vintage note card swap!

From Cynthia in CT, here are some lovely lovelies!

The flowered paper is what Cynthia wrapped her cards in

The insides have an embossed saying

all the envelopes are lined and stamped with butterflies

even a beautiful envelope - thanks so much, Cynthia! 
Cynthia has done 10 creative swaps! Add to that even MoRE art exchanges she did with me before I started this blog. So glad to have you, Cynthia! 


Cat said...

These are all so gorgeous!!!!

Sharon said...

Cynthia's cards are quite special. I'd love the chance to actually hold one, just to study all the techniques. (hint, hint, hint Lenna???)


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