Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Leslie Hanson: Vintage Note Card Swap

Leslie in Oregon sent 2 entire sets, so I have 6 cards to share from her. She enclosed an extra $2 in postage for a heavier package home, so it's fine with me that she doubled up! Leslie's cards are in clear envelopes and they were sealed when they arrived so I did not open them up to scan. Sometimes you might see some reflection in the scans because of that. If you would like me to take the cards (or whatever) out to scan, simply leave your clear envelopes unsealed. After I scan them, I will seal them up for you! Whatever you wish. Here are Leslie's beautiful note cards and envelopes.

The back of the envelopes for the cards above

Beautiful job!

Tea and lace 

thanks so much Leslie!
I really like your note cards.
This is Leslie's 4th creative swap!


Cat said...

Love all of these beautiful cards but especially the mermaid, I am partial to them :)

Cynthia Zdanzukas said...

Leslie - thank you so much for the beautiful bird-themed card! I was lucky to receive one in Lenna's swap and it is such a wonderful touch of Spring - we need it after such a snowy winter in Connecticut!

Swaps are such fun, aren't they? Glad that you chose to participate so that I could get one of your works of art!

Cynthia Zdanzukas


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