Tuesday, March 1, 2011

wrapping up the vintage note card swap

I have scanned all of the envelopes and note cards for our vintage swap-hooray! Sorry for any delays up to this point and going forward, this swap is ending at a very busy time for me. Unfortunately in this swap, I had one package that came in that I could not accept. I was very sorry to have to return that package, but the swap pieces were postcards, not folded note cards as I specified and the gel medium that was used on them caused the postcards to stick to the envelopes so much so I could not really get them out.

I'm telling you this not to be mean, but so you will know when using gel medium, it's good to place a piece of wax paper in-between the gel medium surface and the paper it is next to. If you do not follow the swap directions so much so that I think a participant receiving your pieces will be upset (card literally stuck to the envelope, postcard/and not a note card) I will have to return your pieces. This is a rare occasion, but I wanted you to be aware!

I will start working on the swapping process very soon. I usually am lickety-split about this because I like to get the job done quickly and I like for you to receive it quickly. This time, I am busier than usual with my online class going on - http://4artists4ways.typepad.com/ and our friends returning Thursday for 2 nights. The swapping and packaging could take longer than my usual 1 week turn-around. I will definitely keep you posted and let you know the status of  the swapping and the mailing. I hope to be mailing your swap packages out next week, but I am not going to over stress myself about it. Next week is when my lessons are up online. I know you will understand! I will keep you posted!!!

Thank you for the awesome Vintage note cards, the swap returns are sure to please.


Joanna said...

Dear Lenna, please do not stress at all about it. They're notecards not a form of life support! I'll be happy as and when they plop through my letter box.

Very sad that you had to reject someone's artwork, but I guess that's the hard decision you have to make on our behalf, so thank you. I so hope the unfortunate artist understands.

Take care,


Jewels said...

Lenna - I've waited this long I can last a couple more weeks (LOL) No worries - they will get here when the get here. Sorry about the one mishap - but how often does that happen considering how many of these you do - and a lesson learned for all of us!


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