Friday, July 29, 2011

Andrea Millington - July ATCs: colour my world!

I received a lovely envelope in the mail yesterday from Andrea Millington in Cornwall, UK. Do you think this could be one reason why I host art swaps, to get all this fabulous mail?? Well, it IS grand. Yes, some work involved -but worth it! Andrea has decided to colour her world: BLUE! She enclosed a note that said she was able to buy pre-cut ATCs and they came with matching envelopes, how marvelous. You can read more about how Andrea made them, including their texture, here on her blog -Indigo Blue! ; ^ ) 
I think I am seeing a blue pattern here!

Andrea also wrote, "My school has broken up for the Summer Holidays today so I am hoping that more colour can be added to my world over the next 6 weeks."  Well, your colorful swap returns will be coming back to you during that time, Andrea -so I think your hopes will be turning affirmative! 

This marks 987 posts since April 22, 2007. I think I should do something special for the 1000th post! I will put my thinking cap on and if you have any ideas you can email me or leave a comment -thanks!


Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

Aren't they gorgeous! xxDonna PS. 1000 posts! That a lot of posts, Lenna!

queenb2u said...

Wow Lenna, 1000 posts! I think a goodie bag would be a neat celebration. I loved mine:^)) Maybe on the day of the 1000th post you could have everyone send a greeting and then pick a number. Or something like that! Of course, I would hope to win!
Cheers. Beth


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