Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Frieda Oxenham - Postcard mail Art swap!

My dear friend Frieda, who lives in Scotland, is the very first to send in her postcards for our 'a summer's day' mail art swap. She did something really fun too! First, Frieda made an extra postcard just for me and then she sent it through the mail separately - only the one she made for me! I received that postcard first and it was such fun! A few days later I got her package of three postcards for the swap in the mail. : ^  ) Frieda's postcards are a mix of fabric and paper and she describes how she made them in this post on her blog . . . here: A summer's day fabric postcards.

Frieda created the fabric background herself -read how on her blog!
She also created the strip of fabric with a flower design that says, A summer's Day.
Then she took this flower design, lightly printed it on paper and used it for the back.

My postcard is the one directly above.  ; ^ )  thank you, Frieda!!! I love it.

Frieda chose Train stamps for my husband and I, as we recently went on a train!
So cool.

A close-up of Frieda's stitching . . . . click on the card for a better look

There is still room in 'a summer's day' mail art swap should you wish to join us!
All postcards due in my hands September 17th.

Also -- Colour my world: our July ATC swap is also still open 
with all ATCs due 2 weeks from Saturday, on August 6th, 2011. 

The newly announced ATC swap for August - "I am" is due September 3rd! 
~ Lots to keep you busy and creative and I still have more up my sleeve ; ^ )  lenna 


Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

So beautiful. Such an Artist! xxDonna

Rena said...

These are absolutely gorgeous!
Frieda never ceases to amaze me.

Nancy said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely... oh, there are 4... and lovely.

craftattack said...

Beautiful postcards! Love them! Valerie

Georgie Horn said...

These postcards are STUNNING!

friedaquilter said...

Thanks so much for all the wonderful comments! Lenna's swap are always so much fun but also a creative challenge, which is what I like most of all about them.


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