Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sue Emmerson - July ATCs: color my world

I was very happy to receive Sue's envelope all the way from Australia yesterday . . . . .
but as I turned it over to open it I was puzzled to see that it was not sealed. In fact, the envelope flap had been tucked inside the envelope; and was not sticky anymore. I was alarmed and looked inside. I found a piece of flat bubble wrap covering 2 ATCs in little envelopes, but not 3. One must have fallen out when the envelope opened. Today when I went to scan the beautiful art on Sue's envelope, I saw the rubber stamp from the Bradenton, FL post office: Received Unsealed. ARGH! This is the second time this has happened to me when receiving for swaps and I believe it is because the envelopes were not taped across the back flap with a large piece of packing tape  : ^ (

Sue's mail art is so pretty & matches her ATCs.
I love, love love the postage stamps she uses!

Sue made special sleeves for her ATCs,
announcing how she wants to "colour her world".

2 lovely fabric ATCs of the same design, I am just sorry all 3 did not arrive . . . 
but we will make due with what we have!
(click on her ATCs for more detail)

Sue is moving house imminently and mail from Australia to the US takes time,
so I told her we would swap what we had, so sorry!
we will make the best of it.
PLEASE TAPE your envelopes closed securely!!

: ^ ) lenna  

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Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

I love the 'tickled pink' theme! So sad about the envelope. Donna


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