Monday, July 25, 2011

Val Cowan - July ATCs: Colour my World!!

Val has been swapping art with me for so long, since at least 2008! She has made some really beautiful pieces too- click here to view! This swap post will be at the top and all the rest of the cool things Val has done with me will follow after. If you are looking for your "link" to all the art you have done with creative swaps, scroll to the bottom of the blog. You will find the link list (VIEW CREATIVE SWAP ART :: BY PARTICIPANT) after the last post! Just click on your name and you will go to a page that has just your swap entries on it. You can even copy the web address in the box at the top, save it, send it to friends or return to it to view at anytime. I label your posts so your work/art will continue to be added to this page!

Now! Back to Val Cowan, who sends to us all the way from Scotland. She made ATCs that are a combination of paper and fabric . . . and even sewed paper -- all on a theme of: Colour my World Green, enjoy!

Thanks ever so much, Val.
I love all that you do!


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