Sunday, July 24, 2011

Laurie Morris - Postcard mail art swap!

Laurie has been busy creating, this is the third swap I recently received from her! She asked me if it was okay to send multiple swaps she was participating in, all together in one envelope? I said yes - just make sure each swap is put in a separate envelope labeled with the name of the swap and your name too. Enclose separate mailing labels - 1 for the ATC swaps and 3 for the postcard mail art. Then bundle all those separate envelopes into one envelope addressed to me - that is fine. : ^ )
Here are Laurie's 3 "a summer's day" postcards.

I love this layered technique! It looks like a breezy summer's day.

Thanks again, Laurie. I appreciate you joining all 3 swaps and when sending them in, organizing each one into a separate envelope, labeled and with mailing labels too! Hope your summer continues to be creative ; ^ )

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