Thursday, August 11, 2011

Colour my World ATC swap complete/sent!

I am pleased to announce that the colour my world ATCs have been swapped, packaged, stamped and ALL sent -- whoo hoo! This swap included  27 participants producing over 100 ATCs mostly for the swap and some as an extra ATC for me! (thank you!) Below is what my pile of packages and envelopes looked like before I took them to the post office. It was not that huge of a swap so I tried to decorate with postage stamps, stickers or rubber stamps and also use up some of my mail art envelopes.

When I got to the post office I had them check my postage calculations.
Good thing I did this, because most of them needed more!!
I think I was using an older chart and basing the postage on large envelopes 
when I should have been thinking "packages" for some of them . . .
 if envelopes are too thick the post office considers them packages.

But they were really nice and helpful and Irene (on the left) said: oh no problem, I can add 
more postage stamps. I know you like that!! They got a kick out of my 
"The Mailbox is a Museum" rubber stamp ; ^ )
Now these Colorful ATCs are heading home to you. I hope you love them!

Please let me know and let your swap partner know (I swapped them as a trade) that you have received their lovely ATC. I know it takes a little bit of effort, but it is so appreciated. 
If you need an email because you cannot find it, please write to me!

There is another ATC swap with openings, you can still join - 
it is due September 3rd - Read about it here.

The postcard mail art swap also has openings - 
it is due September 17 - Details Here.

Thanks again for a great swap! ; ^ ) lenna


craftattack said...

Well done, that must have been a big job! Valerie

queenb2u said...

Yea Lenna,
Can't wait for the mail to reach my box. Looks like you had waaay too much fun stamping and decorating all of those packages. Keep up the great work!:^))

Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

Way to go, Lenna! You must have quite a rep. at the post office. xxDonna

Sandra said...

Wow! Can't wait until the august swap goes out.

ColourFly said...

WOW!!! Looks really awesome! And the envelops look great. So much work! THANKS Lenna!


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