Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Email Reminder!

For my 1000 post Giveaway I am offering 5 prizes, but I cannot choose YOU as a winner if I do not have your email!!!! Right now I have 5 people who have commented, wishing to win: C.Pohl, Jane, Frau S, (thanks!!) Jane T, and Barbara ~ whom I don't have emails for so I cannot enter them. If you see this post yourself, or you know one of them, please have them email me with their email so they have a chance at winning! If I pick your name/number and I do not have your email at hand I will have to choose someone else. I just can't go searching around. So, this is my last attempt/reminder to make sure you get your email to me when entering if I don't already have it from a swap or other conversation. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lenna 

1 comment:

JoAnnR said...

Lenna, I have to say that you always do something big and wonderful. Thanks for including me into your drawing.
Jo~Ann Reichert
Butler, PA


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