Thursday, August 18, 2011

haiku atcs: lenna andrews

For the new swap that I just announced I made 3 haiku ATCs basically as illustration for the lesson that accompanies the swap. But now I can also participate in the swap myself, which I love! Here's what I came up with for my ATCs. Remember, they need to have a haiku included on the front or the back. More info is included in the pdf file lesson you'll receive when registering, so there's no problem if you are not too familiar with haiku. I will provide all the info you need.

My first ATC for this swap is based on a photo I took paired with a haiku written by an 11 year old girl. In researching for this swap I found a number of websites about haiku which I pass along to you through my lesson. I also give step-by-step instruction on how I created my ATCs.

Below on the left, is the back of the ATC shown above. I used a traditional ATC back because my haiku was placed on the front of this ATC. Below on the right, is the back of the ATC coming up below showing our sweet dog Asia. This time I placed the haiku that I wrote on the back of the ATC as it did not fit well on the front. Click to view better and if you see a plus sign, click again!

Here are both the photo ATC with the haiku on the front and the image transfer ATC of sweet Asia who hates thunder! In the pdf file lesson that comes with your swap registration, I go over how to do an image transfer from photos. It is really cool stuff! 

For my 3rd ATC, I chose a haiku written by someone else that I found online. I used that haiku, printed on a piece of paper with the swap info added and attached it to the back of a fabric ATC with a card stock base.

Here is the front -

 My first set of haiku ATCs -
Now I think I will do a second set!

I would love to have you join me for this -
I promise you will find all the info you need in my 10 page pdf that is part of the registration! Click on this link and go here to register for any creative swap.

; ^ ) lenna


friedaquilter said...

Just signed up and already looking forward to making the ATCs. I've been writing haikus for some time now so this is a great excuse to revisit them. And of course the other incentive is that I might receive one of these lovelies in my returns!

Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

Beautiful, Leena. I adore Haiku. xxDonna


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