Thursday, August 4, 2011

Josie Greene - July ATCs: colour my world

From Josie in Maryland, 3 beautiful and bright colored ATCs!

I really like the background and how she stitched all around.

This is Josie's first creative swap -what a wonderful job! 
Hope to see you return for more.

Very soon, I will mark 1000 posts here on this blog since 2007, even though I took most of 2009 off while we were selling our home in CT and moving to Florida! That's how busy you have kept me! : ^) 1000 posts is quite a feat so I will do something to celebrate -some sort of giveaway! 
stay tuned!


Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

Such pretty ATC's. 1000 posts! WOW, Lenna. I was amazed when I reached 500 ... when I get to 1000 I will be flabergasted. So ... I will be flabergasted for you. ha ha . xxDonna

donna!ee said...

these are beautiful...thank you for sharing! :)


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