Friday, September 23, 2011

Joanna Urbani: haiku ATC swap

Joanna's beautiful haiku ATCs arrived from Kent, UK and I feel so lucky to be able to hold them in my hands. The only way I could give you an indication of how beautifully iridescent they are was to photograph them. Please right-click for the largest view.

Then I scanned them for details.

Joanna's husband helped her with a few of the words . . . 
like surveying ; ^)

Please read more on Joanna's blog!

I think I may be making another set of these if I can. Have fun! 
Due October 8th -still time to join.


Joanna said...

"I'm glad you got them
Thank you for showing their shine,
I had fun with these."

Oh no, I am only thinking in haiku now!


Lenna Young Andrews said...

oh, you made me laugh, Joanna. Thank you!!

craftattack said...

Great work from johanna! Valerie

Leigh Sanders said...

These are really beautiful Joanna- well done!

Leigh Sanders said...

Oooh - so happy to have got the dragonfly - I'd been oggling it!


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