Tuesday, September 20, 2011

laurie morris: haiku atc swap

Laurie Morris, who lives not too far from me in Florida, registered for 2 sets of haiku ATCs. She wrote me an email earlier this month saying, "You have created a monster! More politely, haha, let me say that I have been writing haiku nonstop!!" : ^ ) The haiku she chose for her ATCs were written by others, but Laurie thinks she'll use the haiku she wrote for The Stetchbook Project. Awesome! Just this morning while walking in the water with my dogs at DeSoto Park, I was composing haiku in my head. Writing haiku is kind of addictive! Here are Laurie's ATCs:

Click on any picture for details, use the "x" in the right corner to return. 
The glass leaf bead in the center, above left and also on the 1st ATC are beads Laurie bought in Paris in 2005. 

Thanks very much, Laurie - for all this beauty and haiku! 

1 comment:

Joanna said...

Composing haiku is very addictive - and very slowly turns you mad! These ATC's are superb. I really like the leafy ones in particular, they are very unusual.


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