Friday, September 16, 2011

Sandra Skies Ludwig: postcard mail art swap!

Sandra, a long-time art acquaintance of mine from Pennsylvania, has sent in three summer postcards that I am in love with. They have such a nice feeling to them! I adore the vintage images she has used.

What pretty postage stamps Sandra added, thank you!!

Yes, I agree, a summer's day is precious. It is different for me living in Florida now, I get summer days pretty much 9 months out of the year - still precious days, though! 

Love these, Sandra. So glad you participated! 
Please visit Sandra's blog here: Sandra's Vintage heart.

Only 2 packages arrived today. Tomorrow is the last day for me to receive and then I will close the swap, swap the postcards and send them out individually to all of the participants. It's been a great swap and the participants should be proud!

--> There is one more swap scheduled, Haiku ATCs due October 8. After that I will take a small break from hosting creative swaps. My dad is not doing well with his cancer and it would be good to step back. I will definitely be able to finish this swap and the next one, but feel after that, it is time for me to take a break. I do plan to be back, and I would imagine it would be perhaps at the end of the year. I will definitely keep you posted. If you do not "follow" this blog, you may want to sign up for my low volume swap participants newsletter; see the sign-up form here. Thank you, lenna


Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

caught the essence. lovely. xxDonna

Sandra L. said...

Donna, Thank you very much! :)

Lenna, so glad they arrived on time. Looking forward to the surprises in my mailbox very soon! Everyone's cards look so great!

bockel24 said...

these are lovely, so bright and light-hearted!

Joanna said...

Oh these are FUN! Great images, lovely postcards.

Sandra L. said...

Thank you to bockel24 and Joanna for your compliments! Did not see them till tonight. I'm glad you like my cards!


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