Saturday, March 19, 2011

Coming soon, a new creative swap!

Do you like little books? Would you like to learn how to make small books? Do you have a favorite little book you'd like to create and trade for another cool little book? Well hang on! In just a couple of weeks I will unveil a brand new creative swap ~ little books! Below are a few small books I've made. Click for detail.

These range in size from 1" to 5" and that's about the size I'd like to see for this swap. Most of these were made for my husband, because Steven really loves little books! Four of the ones you are looking at here were created out of just one single sheet of paper, amazing. Above you can also see a fabric book that has ATCs for pages, a watercolored accordion book, and a teeny tiny book with a shrink plastic cover. When you register for this swap I will include a lesson on making mini books. How's that sound?  I'll be back as soon as I can after I've written the lesson and organized the swap details. I would expect to announce this new swap around the end of March, beginning of April and it will not be due until early June. Till then, you can always check in on my creative lenna blog, if you like. See you soon! It will be great!
Edit: The swap is now full and closed for registrations! Go here to read the details. 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

animoto video :: vintage note card swap!!

I love putting together Animoto videos and could not resist creating another one for creative swaps. This one showcases one note card from each participant. Click on the link below to view the video and enjoy!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It is done!

The vintage note card swap is done!
These are some of the cards I traded for or was gifted.
Thank you so much!

Early this afternoon I went to a small post office located inside an outlet department store called Bealls (that's definitely Florida!) near my home. I mailed all 30 packages I needed to, in order to send this swap home. What a great feeling -phew! The woman working at the post office did not even flinch at all my packages. She even smiled at me when I thanked her! I do hope you receive them soon. They are on their way!! 

You can use this blog post to reply to/comment and let me know your package has arrived. But please use the email list I sent you yesterday to make sure your swap partners know directly that you have received theirs! Thanks. 

There are 2 email subscription boxes in the sidebar of the blog for you to use to keep up with the posts via email and learn of new swap announcements. The first "subscribe me" box will sign you up for ALL of the posts made to this blog. The second box will put you on the "Swap Participants" email list, which is handwritten by me to the subscribers and announces or reminds you of a new swap only. There will be another swap coming up soon and announced in a few weeks. You'll want to make sure you are signed up for one of these Feedblitz email lists, just so you won't miss out.

Again, thanks so very much for all of your efforts. Yes, it is work to organize these swaps, but because of your fine efforts, it is well worth it. I am very proud of what we do together. Thanks & love, lenna : )

Monday, March 7, 2011

working on the swap!

Look at all this bounty!
I am figuring it out on paper first -my tried & true method . . .
Then I will do the physical swapping of the note cards.
Lastly, comes the packaging up - and sending home to YOU!
I'll keep you in the loop - be back soon.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

wrapping up the vintage note card swap

I have scanned all of the envelopes and note cards for our vintage swap-hooray! Sorry for any delays up to this point and going forward, this swap is ending at a very busy time for me. Unfortunately in this swap, I had one package that came in that I could not accept. I was very sorry to have to return that package, but the swap pieces were postcards, not folded note cards as I specified and the gel medium that was used on them caused the postcards to stick to the envelopes so much so I could not really get them out.

I'm telling you this not to be mean, but so you will know when using gel medium, it's good to place a piece of wax paper in-between the gel medium surface and the paper it is next to. If you do not follow the swap directions so much so that I think a participant receiving your pieces will be upset (card literally stuck to the envelope, postcard/and not a note card) I will have to return your pieces. This is a rare occasion, but I wanted you to be aware!

I will start working on the swapping process very soon. I usually am lickety-split about this because I like to get the job done quickly and I like for you to receive it quickly. This time, I am busier than usual with my online class going on - and our friends returning Thursday for 2 nights. The swapping and packaging could take longer than my usual 1 week turn-around. I will definitely keep you posted and let you know the status of  the swapping and the mailing. I hope to be mailing your swap packages out next week, but I am not going to over stress myself about it. Next week is when my lessons are up online. I know you will understand! I will keep you posted!!!

Thank you for the awesome Vintage note cards, the swap returns are sure to please.

Rena Matus: Vintage Note Card Swap!

From Rena Matus, my friend and student in Connecticut, we have our last package for the swap and what a lovely selection it is!

I adore this card and envelope!!!

beautiful and dimensional -click to view
Rena used tiny micro beads.

wonderful envelopes

This card has chalk, tiny punched flowers
and something dimensional called flower soft

I am very impressed with  these cards, Rena. Thank you so much for your artistic efforts! Fantastic!!
I just checked and this makes at least 13 swaps Rena has done with me. I am sure it's more because she participated in many exchanges before I had this blog. Congratulations Rena, that's a lot of creative work and art!

Leslie Hanson: Vintage Note Card Swap

Leslie in Oregon sent 2 entire sets, so I have 6 cards to share from her. She enclosed an extra $2 in postage for a heavier package home, so it's fine with me that she doubled up! Leslie's cards are in clear envelopes and they were sealed when they arrived so I did not open them up to scan. Sometimes you might see some reflection in the scans because of that. If you would like me to take the cards (or whatever) out to scan, simply leave your clear envelopes unsealed. After I scan them, I will seal them up for you! Whatever you wish. Here are Leslie's beautiful note cards and envelopes.

The back of the envelopes for the cards above

Beautiful job!

Tea and lace 

thanks so much Leslie!
I really like your note cards.
This is Leslie's 4th creative swap!

Cynthia Zdanzukas: Vintage note card swap!

From Cynthia in CT, here are some lovely lovelies!

The flowered paper is what Cynthia wrapped her cards in

The insides have an embossed saying

all the envelopes are lined and stamped with butterflies

even a beautiful envelope - thanks so much, Cynthia! 
Cynthia has done 10 creative swaps! Add to that even MoRE art exchanges she did with me before I started this blog. So glad to have you, Cynthia! 


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