Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Shades of the Forest Quilties - Bev Teichrob, Victoria BC

These wonderful Forest Quilties were delivered right to me by Bev Teichrob this past Saturday. Now, hand-delivery has happened to me before with swap participants who live nearby in the Avon, CT area, but the difference here is that Bev is from Victoria, British Columbia!

Bev has been here on the East Coast of the USA, traveling around the New England area with her husband who had a job to do here - for about a month. When she first arrived here from BC in September, she took a Collage class from me in my studio with 4 other women. It was great fun & you can read about it here. Bev asked if there was another class she could take before she headed back home and we arranged for a different class for her to do on October 18th - more on that later, on my creative lenna blog! When Bev came for class on that day, she brought her finished Shades of the Forest Quilties, all stiched by hand while she was traveling! She had prepared herself by bring the fabric & needed supplies with her and she said she quite enjoyed doing them. So much so that Bev created two sets of 4 quilties and and extra one for me. Thanks so much Bev, and I hope you have arrived home safely now. What a treat is was to meet you in person!

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