Monday, October 13, 2008

Shades of the Forest Quilties - Sue Lee, South Dakota

To the left is the front of one of Sue Lee's Forest quilties and the back of another one, with one of her handmade tags; click on any photo for a closer look! Sue's Forest Quilties just arrived the other day. I like the way Sue has quilted part of the top of her quiltie and stitched her handmade tag the same way.
Sue enclosed a note,
"This was another fun quiltie swap, I'm finding I really enjoy making them. A friend gave me permission to use some of her photos, so that's where I started. I also used Batik fabric with leaves, charms and artificial leaves. Thank you for hosting this swap, I know there is a lot of work involved. It is such a treat to see what everyone does. Thanks, Sue"

Thank you too, Sue, for the extra quiltie for me -wow!

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