Monday, October 27, 2008

Star Ornament Swap!

Just a note! Even though I am in Florida I spoke with my husband tonight and he told me the star ornament packages are coming in . . . There are packages in and received from Patricia Schweitzer, Betty Lou Cassidy, Kiki Finlayson, someone in San Diego - perhaps Lorraine Beaumont, as she wrote me a few days ago saying her package was on the way. There was 1 more package as well, without a return address (that steven could find!) but I will sort it all out later this week.

Thanks for sending! I am glad Steven could retreive them as it is good to be here. Very quiet, but good. We see the Dr. at the Interventional Radiation center tomorrow morning and go out in the boat tomorrow afternoon, maybe catch some fish!

xo from lenna

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