Thursday, October 30, 2008

Star Ornament package update

I have returned from visiting my parents and have 15 packages awaiting my attention! I will open them, scan or photograph your stars and add them to the blog over the next few days. There are about a half a dozen or so more packages that I am expecting by Saturday. I will get all of these up on the swaps blog as soon as I can.

It was good to go visit my parents, but also sad. Last spring, my dad had a tumor in his colon removed and it has now metastasized and moved to his liver. I was able to accompany my parents to one of the Dr appointments about treatment options and it seems the best thing is for my dad to do a course or two of chemotherapy starting soon, and then interventional radiation directly on the liver. My dad is also receiving acupuncture and I am glad his oncologist welcomes this treatment, as it should help dad through the chemotherapy.

I was scared about all of this before I went to see them, but while there, I fell into my parents “one step at a time” philosophy. It has served us all very well. I am wishing and praying that the course of chemotherapy is not too hard for my father and without too many side effects. Steven and I will go visit them again in December.

I know some of you have probably been wondering about my dad if you have been following here for any length of time, and so that is why I share this with you. All I can say is I am glad I have the swaps and my classes to keep my mind otherwise occupied. Thank you!

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