Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunshine Quilties

Joanie Hoffman sent in this wonderful quiltie as a trade for one of Fiona's quilties that arrived a little too late to be included in the swap -the quilties had already been swapped and sent out. Thank you, Joanie! I will send one of Fiona's sunshine quilties off to Joanie in Tuesday's mail (it was a holiday today in the states!)

Left to arrive is just one more quiltie from Barbara Roberts in Florida, and then I can send all 4 quilties to Fiona in Scotland. Barbara has already mailed her package to me, and she sent a link so we could see her sunshine quiltie, here. It's gorgeous! Thanks so much to: Barbara, Joanie, Sue and Joellyn for stepping up and making an extra quiltie to trade with Fiona. Wonderful!

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