Friday, October 24, 2008

Star Ornament Swap! Doris Stahl - UK

Doris Stahl, aka Odette on her blog, sent in the most colorful paper stars on a wire with smaller paper stars, paper beads and other beads and shells, wow! Doris made a special star ornament for me too -much appreciated, Doris. I still have your valentine ornament hanging up!

I have a little bit more of a close up photo to the right, showing off the beautiful paper Doris used to make the star. You can read and see more on Doris' blog, ArtAffair.

Below, is a scan of all of Doris' star ornaments. The cellophane they are wrapped in gives a strange glare with my scanner, but I thought you would enjoy the quote on the tag Doris sent with each ornament.

1 comment:

Mary Z said...

these star ornaments are gorgeous! what beautiful work!
Mary Z.


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