Saturday, April 24, 2010

4x4 collage swap -Roads+Paths: Betty Lou Cassidy, New Jersey

Betty Lou's package came in today, just making the deadline, phew. She even sent her package Priority and it still took 3 days. The mail does seem to take its time arriving here in Cortez, FL. At least it is a little faster getting TO you; I will be swapping these 4x4's out soon and sending you your exchange pieces next week!

Take a look at the beautiful pieces Betty Lou put together; you can click on any one for more details.

Betty Lou wrote me that the words are a poem by Walt Whitman
The background path images are photos from a recent trip she took to Columbia via a cruise through the Panama canal!
Betty Lou tried painting Transparencies for the first time

Betty Lou is primarily a quilter who lectures & teaches workshops - her mixed media side really shines with these pieces!

Betty Lou, I am truly impressed! Thank you very much for the extra 4x4 for me (not required but appreciated!). This is Betty Lou's 7th swap with me, and I welcome her to participate in many more!
* Now, to try to choose a winner for the most creative in this swap. The lucky person will receive FREE registration to the next creative swap of their choice. I will be back with the winner! *

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sharon said...

These are really beautiful!


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