Thursday, April 15, 2010

creative swaps update

Here's my swap bag, almost completely filled with your envelopes of 4x4's for the swap. See a few envelopes peeking out of the top?
I have eight more packages to come in and I know of at least 2 that have already been mailed. That means there's about one week left to get those swaps into my hands, with a due date of April 24th! I can't wait to have them all here and then swap them out. 

Shortly after I send the returns out, I will announce a new swap with a due date of early to mid June. I have not completely decided what the medium or the theme will be -Yes, I have some ideas, but it is not totally firmed up. *IF you have an idea of what you'd love to make: ATCs, quilties, inchies, twinchies, or another shape or size -- OR if you have a theme you are hankering to work on, PLEASE leave me a comment on this post! I will take all ideas into consideration. I have something brewing if I don't get any responses, but here is your chance to say what you want!!

In mid to late June, I will be announcing a swap due at the end of August that will be hosted in conjunction with Alpha Stamps. This will be a 4x6 Postcard swap (fabric, paper or both) with a Vintage garden variety theme. Alpha Stamps will have some wonderful things for you to work with and it will be awesome! I have hosted a number of swaps with Alpha Stamps previously and the supplies are always so inspiring. You need to work with Alpha Stamps products for these sponsored swaps but Leslie always gives gifts to all participants. Here's a link to the Alpha Stamps Grimm Fairy Tales Collage swap we did in 2008 to give you an idea. 

So that is my update on the swaps! On a personal note, an update about my dad as i know many of you wonder . . . . the pet scan results he got the other day show his Liver is pretty clear of cancer right now. Phew, because that treatment really takes a toll on him. He gets to be off of chemotherapy for a couple of weeks now, hooray! thanks for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. xo lenna


Margriet said...

Hi Lenna,

It's hard to think of a nice, original theme for the next swap. Maybe lettering would be something to consider?

The format is just as hard, I like ATC's. But thinking about it, that mostly is because I have a decent system to store them ;) I liked doing 4 by 4, and I know inchies get me into big trouble, so at least I will vote against inchies ;)

Not much of a help, is it... I'm sure you'll come up with a wonderful challenge!


Lenna Young Andrews said...

Thank you for your comment, Margriet. I appreciate your feedback! As far as lettering, do you mean like quotes or calligraphy?

I have had one other comment via email: "I'd love to do a tag project, especially using the 3 x 6 ish tags. I'd love a theme such as Paris, gypsies, sun/moon/stars, etc. that would yield a collection of tags that could be made into a book with the addition of a cover tag."

I have done these tag books before and really enjoyed them. My first idea that is probably still in the forefront is to swap ONE 9x9" or 12x12" fabric quiltie. This was a very popular swap previously; I think many people enjoyed concentrating on one item.

I have not made my mind up yet, but soon after I swap the current swap out, I will! I welcome any more ideas . . .


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