Monday, April 5, 2010

4x4 collage swap -Roads+Paths: Marnie Blum, North Carolina

Our 8th set of 4x4's for our Roads and Paths swap has landed in my PO Box and 12 more are expected! This particular set is from Marnie Blum in NC. It is her first 4x4 collage swap, but you certainly would not know that by looking at what she's done!

I love how she has creatively used photos she's taken and extended them out into the "frame" with colored pencils, pen & ink, card stock and watercolors. I especially like the feeling Marnie's 4x4's give me when I look at them; like i could have been there on that path. Below is the back of the 4x4 above. You can click on any photo for more details.

~ wow! These are so cool. Please visit Marnie's Blog to read more about her process creating these 4x4's. Thank you so much for participating, Marnie. You have added some choice pieces to our swap!

1 comment:

sharon said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous...I am going to visit her now!


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