Thursday, September 9, 2010

Barbara DeLisle: Technique tag Swap

My goodness, what a bountiful box I opened from Barbara DeLisle yesterday! She tried multiple techniques on different tags and they are all fabulous. I scanned a number of her Tag & Envelope pages, but truthfully I could not scan all of her work (too much to do!). This will give you a good taste of her tags and techniques. Some of you who receive Barbara's tag pages in your Technique book will be in for a wonderful surprise if you receive one not shown here, because they are all beauties! Here are some front and backs:






Thanks so much, Barbara!!
I am off to start some heavy-duty packing up of my studio . . . some of the other rooms are finished and I have started in my studio, but as you might imagine, that is where the bulk of our move always is. The closing of our new home went off without a hitch on Tuesday. We are very happy. The old rugs in the bedrooms of the new house have been ripped up (yuck!) and Tile floor is being put down by Dave Cole. Cabinets are being delivered tomorrow for my studio - Steven will set them up so I have some place to store my art supplies in the Family Room/Studio. There is painting to do but Steven says he will do that while I will do most of the packing here. Do you think he might be trying to get out of packing boxes?? : ^ ) The moving truck comes to officially move us on the 20th, so don’t worry if I am out of touch. I will keep the side bar updated to when packages arrive and everything will be safe in my PO box until I can get to them. Those of you in this swap have my new address to send to after Sept 20 . . . just send me an email if you don’t and I will reply when I can. Remember the swap due date has been extended to October 9th, 2010. I’ll catch up again with new arrivals as I can!


Cameron said...

Those are just gorgeous!!!

vintage wil said...

Its al beautiful!!!


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